Blue Moon Wicca

Attendance Policy


This policy is subject to change. Students will be given advance notice of any changes. Exceptions can be made at the discretion of the HP or HPs.

1. Regular and prompt attendance of all classes and events by all students is essential to the rapport and trust on which a Coven is built. Most classes include information essential to subsequent classes or rituals. Each student becomes an essential part of the energy of the Coven and to miss an event puts everyone else at a disadvantage.

2. All classes, rituals and other events which are discussed and scheduled by the HP or HPs are required unless clearly stated otherwise.

3. WE DO NOT OPERATE ON "PAGAN STANDARD TIME." This has become something of a joke in the "pagan community" but it has never been acceptable in traditional Wicca. We take our path seriously and do not make excuses for laziness or disorganization.

4. The time specified for a class is the time the class will begin. That means everyone should be present at least 5 or 10 minutes earlier than the stated time so that we can be ready to start precisely on time.

5. The time specified for rituals is the time when everyone is expected to be present and ready to ground, center and begin ritual preparations. Again, be there at least 5 or 10 minutes before the stated time so that we may all begin preparations together. The Circle will start when all preparations are complete. The time given for ritual is NOT the time Circle beings. It is not acceptable to show up later than the specified ritual time hoping to be able to slide into Circle at the last minute.

6. If you know you will be late for class or other events for any reason contact the HP or HPs as soon as possible. For events at the Office call ______. For events at the Covenstead call the number there. However, the phones will not be answered after the event begins.

7. If you are unable to attend a scheduled class or event due to emergency or other serious conflict you need to e-mail or call the HP or HPs as soon as you are aware of the conflict. "Serious" reasons for not attending would include illness of yourself or family member who requires your attention. Unforeseen job commitments. Death of yourself or a loved one. Missing classes or other events due to lack of communication with the Coven, bad note taking, a faulty memory, transportation problems or a more interesting event somewhere else, are not considered "emergencies or serious conflict".

8. Attendance of all eight Sabbats is required prior to Dedication. As students are evaluated for possible Dedication at the end of the first year, missing even one Sabbat can have serious consequences.

9. If serious, legitimate reasons require you to miss more than a total of three classes or rituals then a discussion with the HPs or HP is warranted and a leave of absence of two or three months may be required to allow the student to attend to whatever personal issues have caused the absences.

10. If three classes, rituals or other required events are missed for other than serious, legitimate reasons, or if there is a chronic problem with lateness, then a discussion with the HPs or HP is warranted and the student may be put on 6 to 12 months probation or asked to leave the Coven.

11. All students who have missed any classes or events without giving proper notification, or those who have been late to events without notice will be requested to contact the HP or HPs some time in the day or two preceding each subsequent event to assure us you are attending. This requirement will be dropped when regular, timely attendance resumes.

12. Coven leaders are not obligated to send reminders or call students to remind them of Coven events. Students who regularly attend classes and participate in the Coven e-mail discussions will be aware of times and dates for all events. Students will be notified if a change of time or location for any event becomes necessary.

13. If these rules seem unreasonable you may want to reconsider whether the rigorous requirements of traditional Wicca are for you.