History of Circle of the Moonlit Sea and
Blue Moon Wicca Mystery School

Blue Moon Wicca became an autonomous tradition in July 2001 when current coven leaders/Elders Forest Jones and Joe Butera hived from the Blue Star tradition. Circle of the Moonlit Sea began in October 1991 as a Celtic/eclectic coven/study group with five members including current coven leaders/Elders Forest and Joe. In February of 1992 the structure was changed to that of a study group within the British tradition Blue Star Wicca (which was founded in 1975 and has both Gardnerian and Alexandrian lineage). Blue Moon Wicca operates as a traditional Wiccan Coven and Mystery School.

Forest and Joe have done seminars on various Wiccan topics at Equinox in the Oaks, PhoenixPhyre Gathering, the Florida Pagan Gathering, for the St. Lucie County Library book buyers, and the St. Lucie County Police Academy.

Blue Moon Wicca occasionally offers informational classes to the public on traditional Wicca.

How can I join a Blue Moon coven?

Blue Moon tradition study groups and covens are open only to local seekers who understand the unique nature of traditional covens, anticipate the hard work required by a Mystery School, and have met the Blue Moon Wicca requirements for membership. If you are 26 years of age or older, have read this entire website (all 100+ pages), prefer the English and Welsh pantheons, have read “Traditional Wicca - A Seeker's Guide” by Thorn Mooney, live within easy driving distance of one of our Florida groups, and still want to ask that question then please, by all means, e-mail us and we can discuss further the requirements of Coven membership. (Some additional requirements are listed here.)


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