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History & Mythology links

The Mabinogion - Lady Charlotte Guest's translation

Tha Mabinogion - This is a literal translation of White Book text: using the Dublin Advanced Studies edition for the First and Second Branches, and Ifor Williams' Pedeir Keinc Y Mabinogi (1951) for the Third and Fourth Branches.

Welsh History - A Timeline

More on Wales -

Ord Brighideach - “We of Ord Brighideach have heard and have answered Her call. We are a Brighidine Order of Flamekeepers engaging in devotional work to Brighid. We are committed to carrying out Brighid's work in this world in the manner in which we have been called, or, if we have not yet been called, in a manner in which we feel will serve Her. ”

Anglo-Saxon Heathenism - concerning the pre-Christian religion and culture of the Anglo-Saxon peoples of England

British History - A Timeline

Gerald Gardner - Biography, essays, etc.

Salem Witch Trials - Trial transcripts, biographies, etc.

Salem Witch Trials - another site with transcripts and search engine.

Celtic History - Who were the Celts? The Celts dominated Mid and Western Europe for a thousand years. But it is only recently that the importance of Celtic influence on the cultural, linguistic and artistic development of Europe. The Celts as an identifiable race or ethnic group have long since disappeared, except in places such as Ireland and the Scottish Highlands. This site explains.

Celtic Digital Initiative - The aim of the Celtic Digital Initiative (CDI) is to make scarce resources available in an electronic format to students and scholars, both within UCC and beyond.

Ancient Greece - Mythology, history, wars, architecture and more.

Myths and Legends - an extensive collections from all over the world

The nature of myth - by Jean Houston

All about “Saint” Patrick - Understand why it is not appropriate for pagans to celebrate this “Saint's” day.

The Divine Charger - The horse in religion and Magic

The Blind Men and the Elephant - A Hindu Fable which shows us the arugment of which religion, or which god is “right” has been going on a long, long time.

Language Links

A Beginner's Guide to Irish Gaelic Pronunciation -

A Welsh course suitable for beginners

Gaelic and Scots Languages - An extensive list of links for Irish, Manx and Scots Gaelic

Gaelic and Gaelic Culture

Yn Ghaelg - Manx Gaelic - Manx Language Resources


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