Movie & Book Reviews

Reviews of “The Wicker Man” (most interesting! - includes dialogue from scenes cut from the movie)

The Wicker Man movie location guide.

Lyrics to songs in the Wicker Man can be found here.

And if you have ever wondered what was up with that beetle crawling around inside the desk in the school room scene in the “Wicker Man” check here.

Stay at the “Greenman Inn”! - In real life - “The Ellangowan Hotel” in Scotland. Experience recreations of pub scenes including, “The Landlord's daughter” & “Gentle Johnny”

Subscribe to “Nuada” the Wickerman Journal published by Gail Ashurst.

“The Necronomicon” - Many labor under the misconception that the Necronomicon is a real book that predates Lovecraft. These pages have been created in the hopes of disabusing people of that notion.

“The Blair Witch Project” - Warning: If you really don't want to know if the movie is true or not, stop here!


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