The Transgender/Shaman Link

This page last updated 9/21/12

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Gender and Transgender in Modern Paganism - A free e-book, a collection of essays prompted by events at Pantheocon 2011.

How to Respect a Transsexual Person - Clear suggestions on how to relate to the transsexual people in your life.

Temple of Cybele - In depth research by a transsexual Priestess in service to the Goddess Cybele. Includes history and the modern revival of Her religion.

TranSpirits - Kindred spirits of the pagan community - a mailing list is for people dealing with gender identity issues, & who have found these issues moving them into a spiritual journey that rejects gender roles.

Maetreum of Cybele, Magna Mater - Dedicated to the revival of aspects of the ancient Goddess traditions that included Her Gallae and Mellissae priestesses

Trans Spirituality Resource List - Another page of links to sites on transgender spirituality - including a transgender Jewish resource list

Bums in Brigantia: Sacred Gender-Variance in Ancient Germanic & Celtic Cultures

Gnostic Transsexuality - The Wisdom of Direct Knowledge - A Rebirth of the Way to Gnostic Transsexuality

Transsexual Priestesses - We Are an Old People, We Are a New People - Part Two, Transsexual Priestesses, Sexuality and the Goddess

Hermaphrodeities - The Transgender Spirituality Workbook

What are Two-Spirits/Berdaches? - In recent years, calls have been made to replace berdache with “two-spirit.”

“Two Spirit People: Native American Gender Identity, Sexuality, and Spirituality” - a book by Sue-Ellen Jacobs

Two-Spirits - Two-Spirit blog.

Queer Muslims Home Page - A list of resources for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered Muslims

Androgyne Online - Links for information on androgyne, transgenderism, two-spirit and more.

Androgyne: The Union of Opposites Within - A page of links to many topics related to transgender and spirituality.

The Indonesian Hermaphrodite - Intersexuality in the South Pacific and around the world.

Ardhanarishwara - the god who is half woman - often referred to as a hermaphrodite or androgynous deity, is one of the principal forms of Shiva.

The Spirit of Transgender - by Holly Boswell