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An introduction to traditional Wicca

Traditional Wicca an initiatory, mystery path composed of a collection of practices and rituals derived from the early pagan/heathen religions of Europe along with elements of ceremonial magick. Wicca itself not ancient, but many of the concepts it embodies are. There are now many, varied Wiccan traditions and solitary practitioners of Wicca. All live by the Wiccan Rede which demands that we “harm none” in our daily lives as well as in our practice of magic.

While Christians may define a “pagan” as anyone who does not follow the Christian religion, neo-pagans use the term to refer to non-Christians religions where the followers live by the laws of nature and literally worship the ground they, themselves walk on. Neo-pagans tend to be highly spiritual people who feel “at one” with nature, not above it.

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Receyt of Awen

by Forest Jones

Ceridwen – immortalized in Welsh mythology as a witch, a sorceress and a hag – She is honored and worshipped today as a goddess by countless people around the world. The enigmatic Ceridwen is credited with having created the great Welsh bard, Taliesin, through the brewing of a magical cauldron of inspiration.

Now, in his novel, “Receyt of Awen”, Forest Jones takes us back to the birth of this goddess and reveals details of Her life heretofore hidden between the brief lines of the original manuscripts. The mesmerizing tale is the result of a weft of other-world experience woven on a warp of historical fact and traditional myth

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