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12/28/18 - History corrected to reflect current minimum age: 26.

5/2/17 - Various pages updated and broken links fixed.

10/13/16 - Joining - updated minimum age.

5/17/14 - Updated Book page.

10/25/13 - Fixed broken links on Miscellaneous page.

12/9/11 - Fixed broken links throughout the website.

9/29/11 - Added page on Buddhism and Traditional Wicca, linked to Miscellaneous page.

7/21/11 - Updated Blue Moon Bookstore.

12/28/10 - Fixed broken link for Anglo Saxon Heathenism on Mythology, History and Languages page.

9/21/10 - Added link for Receyt of Awen to Summerisle Publishing.

8/13/10 - Cleaned up broken links.

10/15/09 - Entire site was accidentally deleted by hosting service. We have uploaded everything (hopefully). Please let us know if you find any missing pages or links.

4/20/09 - Updated Tarot Classes page due to new location of classes, and added announcement for new one day seminar on Home Page.

1/2/09 - Added link to “The Latin Translator” on the Miscellaneous page.

8/28/08 - Added link to Sky Raven Wolf, suppliers of Welsh handcrafted tools to Miscellaneous page.

8/22/08 - Added link to the Chalice Well Trust website to the Miscellaneous page.

6/26/08 - Added link to International Order of Co-Freemasonry, Le Droit Humain on Miscellaneous page.

2/2/08 - Added link on Miscellaneous page to new vendor selling beautiful and unique clay jewelry, talismans, runes, etc. The Crooked Woman

12/12/07 - Added links on Home Page to Port St. Lucie Pagan Meet Up and Port St. Lucie Tarot Meet Up websites.

10/25/07 - Added link to “Temple of Cybele” site on Transgender Shaman page.

10/18/07 - Changed date of Tarot Classes from 3rd Wednesday to 3rd Tuesday.

9/4/07 - Extensive revision of Astral Projection page; minor revisions to Meditation page.

8/24/07 - Added links on front page to Treasure Coast Pagan Meet Up and the Florida Pagan Gathering , checked and updated links throughout the site as necessary.

8/13/07 - Updated Tarot Classes page with new meeting date.

5/29/07 - Updated links on Articles page and Reviews page. Change expired link on index page from Port St. Lucie Wicca Meet Up to current Port St. Lucie Pagan Meet Up.

3/23/07 - Fixed broken link to Hindu Karma site and added link to Buddhist Karma site on the Miscellaneous page.

1/25/07 - Added link to Brid's Tea & Mystery Circle on Miscellaneous page.

1/9/07 - Changed date for Tarot Classes from 2nd Tuesday to 3rd Tuesday of each month.

10/11/06 - Updated Contacts page - dropped dead link to list of Gardnerian covens and added a new link to Gardnerian web ring

9/27/06 - Added page for new 6 week Wicca 102 course.

7/10/06 - Updated links on contacts page.

3/20/06 - Rearranged title page for clarity; removed “Star Kindred Web Ring” link after receiving notice that the Star Kindred webring is shutting down.

2/13/06 - Added flyer about Earth Healing ritual.

9/14/05 - Added a link to (pagan auction site) to the Miscellaneous page.

9/12/05 - New Links to Witches Meet Up added to bottom of front page of Website.

6/20/05 - A new paragraph “Gaining Insight” added to the Meditation page.

6/8/05 - New date for tarot classes (now held 2nd Tuesday of each month)

4/13/05 - New date for tarot classes (now held the 4th Tuesday of each month)

3/30/05 - New date for tarot classes (now held the 2nd Tuesday of each month)

11/17/04 - Replaced broken links and added two new lins for the Mabinogion on the Mythology & History page

11/11/04 - Replaced Streghe link on Contacts page due to updated information.

10/26/04 - Link to Wiccan Woods - Wiccan handcrafted wood altar items

6/28/04 - Link added on Miscellaneous page for merchandiser Rituals & Relics - pottery and fine art

5/31/04 - New link for Moon Phases (old link was reported broken by website user, thank you)

5/9/04 - Updated links for the Wicker Man movie reviews

3/26/04 - Added link on Class 1 page to another version of the Wiccan Rede purported to be written by Gerald Gardner and Doreen Valiente

1/21/04 - Added “Pagan Potter” to miscellaneous page.

8/15/03 - Added Blue Moon “Attendance Policy” page with link from “So you want to join Blue Moon?” page.

8/3/03 - Added a link to “The Bill of Rights for Pagan Students and Teachers” by Maryam Webster and “Seekers Bill of Rights” by Texas Local Council of COG, to our, “Finding the right teacher or coven” and “The responsibilities of the Initiator” pages.

7/26/03 - Made small revision to the paragraph on Lammas in Class 7 and added a page on Sacrifice.

7/15/03 - Added link to Anglo-Saxon website to Mythology, History and Languages page



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